Thursday, January 7, 2021

My next PVC pipe project Scroll to about the 1:20 mark

The picture in my head are 9mm, Glock magazines offset 15 degrees from vertical-up, sights 3" above the bore, Owen sub-gun type action, bottom eject, 2.5" stroke to allow a wide range of rounds to be chambered in future offerings. Retain the in-line "stock" of the grease-gun to limit muzzle climb.

Rivet Unistrut inside the PVC housing for guides, laminate the bolt, 450 rounds-per-minute firing rate. After all, we have to make those 10 round magazines last.


  1. Since the Marxists have taken power, perhaps it is not so wise to post hypothetical design ideas about illegal activities. Besides, what you gonna attach the barrel to?

  2. IF you make one, don't even drill a mount for the firing pin. That way it isn't functional when they knock down your door and kill you dog....

    But if you got decent drawings, I might like to see 'em.

  3. I am sure I am already "on the list".

  4. I've sometimes wondered if a Kraft paper core might have better mechanical and thermal properties for anything firearms related. I see really thick walls on the cores that food service film and foil come on, way heavier than mailing tubes. Obviously would need protection against water and humidity.


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