Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Fine Art Tuesday


A Whiff of Grapeshot. Note, the top of the ammo locker is open which would have been a floggable offense. A breeze can blow embers from the wadding back. Black powder explodes even when not enclosed.

Felician Myrbach born 1853 in what is now the Western Ukraine but was then part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Died in 1940 in what is now the Eastern part of Austria. 

Myrbach painted many military scenes and secondarily painted scenes from farm or "country" life.

He was a major force in the Austrian "modernism" movement in Austria.

In the Tavern Garden, 1896 brings a human element to a few stolen moments in the life of a soldier

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  1. He lived in a very interesting time and place. I hope it doesn't get that interesting here, but it looks like it might.---ken


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