Tuesday, January 5, 2021

The irony, it burns


Photo credit Mauro Bonacina

We were at Mom's this evening. Consequently, we were treated to the evening news.

Clearly, we have not been vaccinated for the stupidity.

Homage for the great Alex Trebek, the now-deceased host of Jeopardy. The host of the news came close to shedding tears as she praised his courage and fortitude by staying the course to the bitter end. Mr Trebek recorded the last session of Jeopardy ten days before his death.

The same talking head heaped scorn on "Mr. Trump" and every word, action or position of President Trump was characterized with an adjective or adverb like "falsely" or "untruthful" or "illegally".

Trump's crime? Trump continues to display courage and fortitude by staying the course to the bitter end.

The difference between Trebek and Trump? Trebek is not a threat. Trebek does not threaten their narrative.


  1. As of tonight Truth is going to be what they tell us it is. ---ken

  2. It also tells us everything that we need to know about their devotion to dishonesty and the marxist...er...Satanic cause .

  3. whats that old quote?"By the pricking of my thumbs".... ahhh never mind I'm sure it will come to me... or all of us.

  4. Not even hiding the propaganda. And haven't been for years.

  5. https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-lo9_2wBeQuQ/X_T4HP3RbOI/AAAAAAACYFA/ln9a_MHEQkQU5ndwlnGNSPfE5SSacNPhgCPcBGAsYHg/w400-h326/IMG_3229.JPG


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