Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Fine Art Tuesday


Many of Duane Bryers paintings tease us with a bit of ambiguity.

Is it very early morning or late evening?

Is the operation in the background now run by the "kids" and did Mom and Dad move out to the bunkhouse?

Regardless, the piece reflects a timeless ease and peacefulness of two lovers who have grown old together and still cherish each other's company.

There is enough detail of the young woman's face to realize that she is not much older than 20 and there she is, running a household with at least two children.

The bird is a nice touch.

Back then, people did not go into a a twelve-year long state of suspended animation (adolescence). And they were better people for it.


  1. I really like that picture of the old folks on the porch. Like most of my other favorite paintings it is not necessarily how things are, but how things should be.---ken

  2. It’s evening cause morning is for doing.

  3. Not much chance of getting an education with 2 kids at 20. Better for it will vary on perspective.

    1. There's always got to be one, doesn't there? I got most of my education by age 17 and the rest was acquired in bits and pieces over the next 14 years to where I have been an architect and structural engineer since 1986. Yes, perspective, and most people of late have none. The microwave society.

  4. Thank you for bringing back memories of Ol' Remus and the Woodpile Report. I am grateful.


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