Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Fine art Tuesday


The Last Cup. Notable for the good camp-craft. The fire is banked against a rock which reflects heat toward the cowboy. The larger rock behind the cowboy holds the day's heat and also reflects back. A warm and cozy set-up.

Duane Bryers born 1911, died 2012!

Considered more of an illustrator than an "artist". Cameras became much more common and made the accurate rendition of images mechanical. Thus, the story-telling part of images became more important.

Nobody ever looked at a woman in a Bryers' painting and thought "That girl needs to get whacked with a BIG dose of worming medicine"

Bryers favored painting old cowboys, robust women and kids playing outside.

You will get another dose of Bryers next week.


  1. Real women have curves... I have always enjoyed looking at Duane Bryers's works.

    1. What used to be called Rubenesque back in the day.

  2. I have go admit... that Lady sure is pretty. I like my women to be able to survive a minor famine. And to help keep the bed warm at night.

    Any other ideas that are running through my head are gonna stay unsaid. But, damn. Yowzers.

    1. I am having those thoughts too... I noticed her first.

  3. Hilda is also one of my faves:


    Enjoy, lads.


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