Sunday, January 17, 2021

"Good shot, Daddy"


 Note: Videographers say G__ D___ frequently

Your feel-good video for the day.

Coyotes are whippet-thin beneath that 2"-to-3" layer of fur. A typical Central-Basin coyote might measure 18" from claws-to-top-of-shoulder. To get a concrete image of the size of the lung/heart area, pick up your smartphone and turn it sideways. 

Then watch the video.


  1. That's a nice rig, in what looks to be a wildcat in 6mm.

  2. Kinda demoralizing if you think about you being the target of some looter/adversary in a SHTF situation. ---ken

    1. Nah, think of the coyotes as the looters and you as the shooter. Still, this makes me kind of sad. I see the coyotes as the brothers of my dogs, and I love my dogs. I've never been big on the idea of hunting my fellow predators. Furry predators, that is. Human predators, another story. No mercy.

  3. The 6mm ARC isn't a wildcat cartage. Hornady engineers sat down and designed a round that maximized the working parameters of the 223 design, taking into account the magazine overall length, highest coefficient bullets, and long range ballistics.!/

  4. It ain't some magic cartridge... it's the shooter.

  5. We don't get to shoot yotes at long ranges in Indiana. So we wack em with 22 mags or 17HMR. Still the smelly rat basards die just as quick. some times the yotes sneak up on us in the blind we drop em with a 12 gauge at arms lenght.


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