Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Things I need to work on

From the perspective of failure modes and consequences:

I need to spend 100X more time weeding the garden than I do looking at seed catalogs.

I need to spend 100X more time practicing discretely pulling my hog-leg (with every combination of clothing) than I spend discussing ballistic gack.

I need to spend 10X as more time practicing shoot-move-shoot than I do poking holes in paper under perfect conditions.

I need to spend 100X more time exercising than I do choosing the very best food.

I need to spend 100X as more effort rooting out internal parasites than I spend worrying about external ones.

I need to spend 100X more effort maintaining what I have than shopping for new.

Feel free to add to the list...


  1. I have often thought if I never brought a single new thing home, that I have have stuff to work on everyday for years to come and couldn't get it finished in a lifetime. Now you have confirmed it with the maintaining example. For instance I started making fishing rods, I now have over 50 blanks sitting in the shop doing nothing. Then the most terrifying thought? What if I bit off more than I can chew?

  2. I agree Joe. we old guys, and girls , need to refresh and rebuild our knowledge of using and maintenance of hand tools such as saws, scythes, canning equipment, etc. And how to maintain and repair old machinery that we need to live on our own and feed ourselves. How to make cheese, preserve eggs, store vegetables and meat without refrigeration and freezers. And if you are young get good info in writing, and probably most important find old people that know how to teach you. And if you can find one pay attention, work hard and SHUT Up and listen. We are not interested in your opinions. ---ken

  3. I would add that we also need to acquire collections of the books that reflect what America used to be before this insanity gutted her out. Books that explain the soul and vision of the American spirit and ethos. Package them up and wait until you might not be around much longer and pass them on to someone younger that you trust and have tutored. And maybe, some day in the future, these books will survive and will help the Remnant rebuild what we have lost. Maybe even rebuild up better. If many of us do this there may be enough to make a difference. ---ken

  4. Dear Joe, is something going on with the site? Last night I tried to enter using my tablet and had problems. After some time I was able to get in but only to articles several days old. Thinking that the hammer might have fallen in part because of comments in which I may(or may not)have participated have)participated Today I was able to gain regular access but determined that it might be in someones best interest to delete said comments. That option doesn't seem to exist for me. I'm not complaining just alerting you to this anomaly. Also when I hit preview it erases the comment

    1. Hard to know.

      It sounds that way.

      Sigh! Time to bcp t st g...

  5. We used woven landscape fabric in the garden for the first time last year. Probably spent one hour in total weeding for the entire season. Last night ordered seeds for this year. Many items were already out of stock.

    My addition: I need to spend 100X more time working on the gardens and fields than I do on the computer.


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