Sunday, January 10, 2021

Trump's Legacy


President Trump was masterful in his body language and always projected Alpha-Male, much to the consternation of those who dislike Alpha-Males.

I spent much of yesterday at Mom's. Mom watches a lot of TV. Consequently, on "Mom days" I get an up-periscope on the Main Stream Media.

The talking heads were piously predicting Trump's legacy.

Ha, ha, ha, ha.....

As if Columbus's or Lincoln's or George Washington's or Thomas Jefferson's legacy were a fixed thing.

Some of the tortuous logic made my head hurt. "Because Trump did not know what every demonstrator was going to do, he is culpable and his legacy is hopelessly polluted for all posterity." and garbage-thinking of that ilk.

Navigation by triangulation

"People died..."

Barry Obama? Hillary Clinton? Lori Lightfoot? All of them are heroes to the talking-heads. More died in Benghazi than in the Capital. Three dead by violence and a few more due to natural causes would have been a very, very slow night on Chicago's Southside.

D.C. is in a furor because they got a taste of what anarchy feels like, the same anarchy that they have been fomenting via Antifa in cities across America.

It is impossible to predict Trump's legacy other than to say that it will mutate wildly over time.


  1. What you said above...exactly.
    Now that Establishmentarians are in panic mode, the question becomes, how badly will the Dems/Progressives/eGOP overstep their authority?

  2. The short answer to the above question is very, very badly!

  3. Wait until the end of his second term.


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