Thursday, January 28, 2021



Box-o-Truth is a classic website from "back in the day". Box-o-Truth originated when the authors were having a discussion and one of them said "Let's test it and find out"

First BoT post

The site was a roaring success. Readers started contributing "I call bullshit" and the authors happily obliged their readers.

A few of my favorite posts:

Squeezing more accuracy from a mil-surplus rifle by handloading

Can't find softpoint bullets? Try loading FMJ backwards: Part I, Part II

Basic clean-and-lube for AR-15s 

Did frozen Chinese clothing stop M1 Carbine bullets? 

Tightening up the accuracy of old rifles with rough bores

Many, many more posts at the site. Not a bad way to spend part of the day when you get snowed in.

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