Thursday, January 7, 2021

Joe and Jill went up the Hill


It is over.

I intend to spend today taking pictures of full shelves at the grocery store and prices. Prices of gasoline at gas stations, footwear, loaves of bread, winter know, the luxuries of life. I intend to post those pictures on the blog.

It might be a novelty to see gasoline for less than $2.00 a gallon and full shelves in two and four years.

But for the young people, it will quickly become "normal" and they will call me a liar when I claim it was so.


  1. That is an awesome idea to be recording for the future. Unfortunately my grandparents did not keep an accurate record of their times except in a small number of receipts and newspapers from their era and it can be difficult to remember accurately the price or availability of something even from ten years ago

  2. Good idea, Joe. I'll go do that. thanks.---ken

  3. I've become a hoarder and started really paying attention last March. Our gas prices are at $1.93 to $1.99. Northern tissue has been gone for at least 7 weeks. Have no lunch meat besides bologna, favorite OM salami hasn't been seen for the last 7 months. But stew meat is $6.48 per pound. We have meat but every prices has increased. Hubby born in 1946 and bill for a 7 days stay was $18.67.

  4. here the shelves are hit and miss already. gas is creeping back up too. thinking about taking a lower paying job to be closer to home. job becomes untenable at 3.00 a gallon which is 4.00 for required high octane.

  5. ERJoe- I started reading your blog during a story where a guy was in Cali "misbehaving"- using a cell phone to cause a flash mob, then popping certain individuals there. Which story is that ? I want to buy that book or at least read it from the beginning if it is not available. Thanks.

    1. The books that I already have are "Calexit" and "The Seven Cows".

  6. here in cali gas is still over 3 bucks, doubt if it ever goes down again. good idea what you are doing, think i will too.

  7. Joe and Jill to Capital Hill
    To steal Trump’s re-election
    To have a Romp, re-fill the Swamp
    Election Mis-Direction!


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