Wednesday, January 6, 2021

The situation is fluid


The base image of the Condom Dispenser was taken from

The situation is fluid and it is still just a little bit early to make plans beyond "Stay warm", "Stay hydrated", "Don't exsanguinate", "keep your blood-sugar levels healthy" and so on. 


"...forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespassed against us..." is a high burden.

There is some variation in how various Christians seek forgiveness from the Almighty. In the Catholic tradition, we are taught that we must accept responsibility for our sins (i.e. we must acknowledge that WE sinned and not try to weasel out blaming our circumstances) .AND. we must vow to "sin no more" which translates into "strenuously resist the circumstances that led us to sin and resist the act of sinning itself".

I have zero evidence that those who trespassed against meet either condition. In fact, they are cheerfully doubling down. I will never be invited to the Vatican to teach theology, but their actions free me from the requirement that I forgive them, at least until they change or they are in a position where they can no longer injure me and mine.

Sprite's cattle

We got two gates hung on Sprite's horse shed. It only took three hours and one trip to TSC to get the funky bolts used to hang farm gates. Her shed has utility poles in the corners so it was easy to drill holes and run the bolts in.

She will feed corn to the critters every evening and on Friday we will shut the gates behind them.

Distributing "stuff"

Right now it is not illegal to transfer certain kinds of merchandise. It might be in the near future.

You could bury it in a hole but you might forget the location. Or you might be "unavailable" to identify where they were buried. Or the items might become rusty. A better alternative might be to distribute any extras in your inventory to younger people you trust.

The sucky thing about giving young people items is they trade them, sell them, lose them and so-on. Many of them move frequently. They also have chaotic personal lives. Their current S.O. might be fine with the items you transfer but the next one might not be.

Disassembly? You might think that you can avoid breaking the law by disassembling the soon-to-be-forbidden items but you would be wrong. I was informed that case-law recognizes that dodge and you would still get whacked if all of the necessary items are in your possession. The expert did not elaborate regarding how "out of my possession" the components would have to be.

"I don't know anything"

"I don't know anything" is the first step to true wisdom.

I heard those words come out of Kubota's mouth today and it gives me hope.

The best way to win a bar-fight is to not be there

Joe's corollary: Hand-grenades are not a viable option during a knife-fight in a phone booth.


  1. Imagine the difficulty for one who has sworn their life to defend America, by oath, in asking God to be as harsh in treatment of the patriot, as the patriot is likely to be with tyrants that aspire to rule him.

    It is the ultimate razor's edge to walk. What burden do the tyrants face? I deeply suspect that most tyrants just skip the phrase "as we forgive those who trespass against us", ; if they bother to pray at all.

    Peace to all men of Good Will.

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    1. I made a joke about bulletproof underwear, but on further reflection, the situation is too serious for jokes. Things are getting dire.

  3. BTW, I only forgive people who ASK for forgiveness.

  4. Jesus taught that you must rebuke those that sin against you.
    If they repent, you must forgive them.
    I ain't seen no repenting, so no forgiveness from this sinner.

    Moreover THEY are the lawless ones.
    Election fraud is TREASON.

    The Media is complicit.

    Defense doesn't win. Offense wins.

    THEY are trying to turn my country into Venezuela.
    THEY are trying to force my children and grandchildren into poverty.
    THEY have devalued the dollar to make themselves rich.
    THEY took My money (taxes) at gunpoint and spent it on evil people and schemes.


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