Friday, January 1, 2021

If they don't want to come, you can't stop them


How is Biden going to accomplish that?

Will he jerk the license of all medical people who refuse to get vaccinated? Great idea. We are struggling to staff hospitals already.

Will he implement heavy-handed, Executive Orders that challenge State authority?

The right answer, in my opinion, is to give the person five minutes to make up their mind. If they choose "No" then they go to the back-of-the-line. If there are not enough healthcare workers and first responders lined up to absorb the vaccine that has been shipped, offer it to people on the street.

Honestly scratching my head. It is as if Biden were still campaigning they way they keep throwing shade on Trump. In fact, he is more active now than he was during the official campaign season.

President Trump: I am not tired of winning, yet.


  1. I've heard that, but I don't personally know anyone who has refused the vaccine when it was offered. Don't believe the hype or the scare tactics. Do your research. We all have questions, and those questions should be addressed.

    1. I'm a first responder who declined the vaccine. No thanks, thank you very much.

  2. I am hearing a bunch of, "I will take it later but I don't want to be the guinea pig"

    When the time comes, Mrs ERJ and I will probably flip a coin to see who takes it and who takes it later. Better to not have us both incapacitated at the same time.

    If I were in my forties or younger I would probably pass on the vaccine for a year.

  3. I will let the people who need it soonest go first. Feel like I have a normal immune system that can handle everything else that has come my way. So I will get it, but not anytime soon, maybe this fall?

  4. Heavy-handed Executive orders ? Stolen election ? HELL of a government ?
    Moar tactics ala ERJ...

  5. "The right answer, in my opinion, is to give the person five minutes to make up their mind."

    The American answer is that all health care is between an individual and his doctor. Give the person five minutes? Certainly you must be sh*tting me Joe. Those five minutes are HIS, not yours to give.

    Where I come from, Americans, err, Real Americans support the rights of everyone to be as stupid as they wanna be, without stepping on others rights.

    And they also support others rights to NOT HAVE A TYRANT come between them and their doctor.


  6. Agree with milton. Don't see that it's anyone else's business. If you don't want it, don't get it. If you do, that's fine too. Sooner or later anyone who wants it will be able to get it. If it's a good vaccine, most people will get it. If it's not, a lot of people are going to rue taking something that was rushed through the testing. You make your choices and you take your chances.

    I'm disappointed that so many Americans are acting like a herd of spooked cattle when I would have preferred they act like cornered wolves.

    1. I failed to mention that the shelf-life of these vaccines is short. They are not usable after a few weeks.

      The Powers That Be rolled out plans with zero flexibility. They don't allow 1B to get vaccinated while they are still working on 1A, for instance.

      Ten percent of the vaccine that has been received has been given. Ninety percent is at risk of aging-out while there are people who would gladly take it.

      My point is that the plan needs to have more flexibility, like a Quarterback who has a primary receiver but also has a secondary and a back-up to the secondary.

      Instead, the plan is over-controlling and will not get the vaccine to people who want to get vaccinated while it fixates on intimidating 1A into conformance.

      The clock is ticking.

    2. That's a totally different issue than whether somemone ought to or ought not to take the vaccine, and whether to respect their right to refuse or accept it at any given time.
      Perhaps someone in charge of distributing vaccine should have checked to see what the demand would be. Or maybe this whole business of preferred tiers of recipients should be deep-sixed as inherently un-American. But that isn't the fault of the people someone in charge thought were going (or was planning on forcing) to get the vaccine.


  7. As is customary, insufficient and poor planning on the government's part will lead them to conclude that everybody else should now be instructed how to react to the new emergency, complete with penalties for non-compliance.

  8. I agree both with your analysis, ERJ, as well as Aggie.

    Item one, I, personally, respond poorly to commands from those NOT in my chain of command. (pretty much exclusively constituted by TDW-Mark II) Secondly, I am perfectly content to allow others to "beta test" the vaccine, should that be their desire. Thirdly, I am a health care provider, and I am in no hurry to receive the vaccination. This is so, even though I work in "a covid ward".

  9. Its really not correct to call this a vaccine in the traditional sense where a pathogen in trace amount is introduced to the immune system to stimulate a protective response. This 'vaccine'is more akin to genetic modification as it introduces rna which will imbed in your cells and the cells will replicate using the artificial rna - forever. This has never been tried before in humans on any scale. Serious side effects may not be evident for a year or five or... In a future generation. Or maybe its benign. The reality is no one knows and if they say they do, well... They are lying. Long, long term studies are the only moral and ethical way to go down this path. This isnt our familiar flu shot scam that they give out like candy this time of year, its really borderline madness. But what do you really expect from an unholy marriage of government and big pharma? Watching people line up for this experiment, even a year from now, is like watching in morbid fascination Darwinism in real time. And all for a disease that is less likely to kill you than a vending machine falling on you. Ill pass.

    1. post where you got the information about the RNA being inserted into the genome. mRNA is the translation of DNA, it doesn't get inserted into our genome unless a mechanism like reverse transcriptase is present. I'm not saying you are lying, I would be interested to read what made you think this

  10. It does not stop you getting the illness.
    It does not stop you passing it on.
    It will probably stop you getting so ill when you do catch it.
    If you are female and plan on being pregnant in future you are advised not to take it.
    Men? Well a reduced population is a good thing.

  11. as a medical provider, I prefer to use a carrot instead of the stick. Tell people that if they get the vaccine or if they test positive from antibodies from being infected, they can go back to not wearing masks or being oppressed by fearmongering. There is no evidence to suggest we should not be able to do so if the vaccine works, and if the vaccine works, then the natural antibodies should work, likely better than the vaccine. That means, for medical providers (or whatever group you are attempting to convince), no more masks while dealing with patients unless you want to wear one. Masks make infections worse, lockdowns cause exponential spikes in covid cases. Everything that you are being told is to allow a peaceful transfer of wealth and power before authoritarianism is ramped up. I have been in constant contact with patients, I was an on a front line in one of the worst per capita areas in the US, I treated patients without a mask or precautions before I realized COVID was endemic. I never developed covid or antibodies. It is not as contagious as it is made out to be - flu will make an entire family sick with one positive person within days, covid only affects 1 or 2 people in a household with or without special precautions, and this is verified based on antibodies not nose swabs, which are not reliable to rule out covid. I have a strong suspicion it is transmitted through a mechanism besides aerosol (meaning simply breathing in and out) Respiratory droplets likely, initial infection in those that have no known contacts I believe are foodborne. If someone is not actively coughing, I do not consider them a risk to my health, neither should you. If you have had COVID, go out and reclaim your life.


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