Friday, December 11, 2020

Well, that is a revolting development*

The Supreme Court was able to avoid earning their pay by claiming Texas had "no-cause" for disputing other state's ineptitude in conducting the election. Even when the ineptitude seemed to be engineered to tilt the table in favor of the party that won.

Disappointed but not completely unanticipated.

I am undoubtedly preaching to the choir but please:

  • Preserve evidence, especially first-hand evidence and tangible/physical evidence. Store video to non-volatile media.
  • Don't let the other side gull you into stupid actions. Some dishes are best served cold.
  • Test everything. Some parties will try to sell you shit-sandwiches by prefacing it with "Because the election was a fraud...." Your hackles should go up just like when you hear "Because Global Warming...." It is that car-salesman technique of getting the sucker to start saying "Yes".
  • Wash your hands after a session at the reloading bench. Lead toxicity is a real-thing.
  • If you are a compulsive saver (raising my hand here), this is a good time to convert some of your savings into tangible goods, especially ones that can be used to manufacture (or grow) other, needed commodities. I was on eBay and saw that bullet molds for 9mm were selling for 3X MSRP and molds for 40 S&W were non-existent.

*A Daffy-Duck quote and not to be construed as a call to revolt, overthrow the government or slaughter treasonous bastards on a wholesale basis.


  1. I picked up an old single row potato digger yesterday. PTO driven apron/shaker but hand lever depth adjusters. No hydraulics so that probably makes it about my age. Good shape however. That might come in handy. ---ken

  2. If indeed God is going to come through, He's cutting it close.
    I can't believe I might see Harris sworn in as president in January.

  3. I pray that the Supreme Court* will decide correctly in favor of "Law". The alternative will not just seat a new administration, it will nullify every document that came after the Declaration of Independence.

  4. * the Supreme court is just like regular court, except that it has sour cream and tomatoes.

    1. Nailed it! They were bought and paid for, the price was just a little higher than the regular courts.

  5. We now need to conduct our affairs knowing the system has failed. Rule of law? Past tense. Keep our heads down but our situational awareness burning brightly. When they come to disarm you, remember because it is because they mean to do something for which they should be shot.