Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Wednesday fishing report

We did not go fishing.

We cut firewood.

It takes money to go fishing. Rods, reels, line, lures, bait, hooks; it all adds up.

The plan is for the Kid to split the firewood into smaller pieces and sell it by the bundle to city-slickers.

We had little bumps and frictions out in the woods. It is inevitable whenever two people work together for the first time.

Some things were not worth arguing about. I let him attempt to chop down a tree with the splitting maul. The tree won.

He was stressed after I informed him that the vines on the logs he was stacking in the truck might be poison ivy. He could have performed surgery after washing up. He darn near scrubbed his skin off.

He wasn't too keen on the slimy stuff where the logs had been touching the ground or the dead carpenter ants that infested some of the logs. I suggested they might be a tasty treat for his fish. He has an aquarium. He thought I was joking.

The Kid's parents are on-board with the business idea. They were happy to have him back, worn out. He immediately jumped into the shower.

I suspect the Kid's dad is going to get some exercise splitting some of that wood. It will do them both some good. The Kid will see his "old man" can still whip is azz at pure strength and his dad will get some honest exercise.


  1. Joe, I've been reading you for a number of years and I have this to say: Generally speaking, folks in the "Deep" South don't have much use for Yankees - even the upper Midwest variety (yes you are). The recent voting results only strengthen that opinion. YOU however restore my faith in the general population of the North. You Sir, are a first rate intellect and an all around level headed guy. This is probably because you say things I agree with but hey, genius loves company too. Thanks for teaching the kids the right things. It matters. You are welcome in Texas any time.
    Thanks for the stories and Merry Christmas :-)

    1. Stuart, for about the past hour I've been considering writing a response saying essentially what you just said. I'm glad you said it first 'cause you said it better. Except of course I would have put it in a geographic reversal. ---ken

    2. From 2 data points and 60 plus years of experience up nawth and down souf...

      Boneheads abound in great supply. Competent colllected folks are a joy to associate with.

      The level of assholiness does not seem to be restricted to geographic origin.

    3. Before forced retirement, I traveled for work, 44 states, in the construction trades. I've met some of the nicest people up north, down south, out west and back east. I've also met some of the worst in all of those same places.


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