Saturday, December 5, 2020

Happy St Nicolas Eve


December 5 is the night when good Catholic boys and girls put footwear outside their bedroom door in the hope that St Nicolas will fill it with edible goodies.

Meanwhile, on Lansing's Eastside

Do we have any graffiti forensic experts among the readers? Were both of these done by the same person? The "S"s look more blocky in the second image and the horizontal elements of the "P" and "R"s have more over-spray but are otherwise similar.

The last one has me totally baffled. Give me a credible instance where destroying property protects life.

  • Burning drugstores in underserved areas? I don't think so.
  • Burning low-income housing? Nope.
  • Breaking windows in a hospital. Nada.

New Green Deal? There we go! The tenets, doctrines and dogma of Global Climate Change and the New Green Deal sanctify destruction because all current infrastructure is complicit in the oceans boiling and the high cost of Starbuck's coffee.

Also on the Eastside

Hunter Park's Community Garden

A very nice stand of red Pac Choi






  1. Jaws of life, firemen cutting a big hole in wall to extricate the 600lf man in a health emergency. You asked, I answered. I'm not under the illusion that was what "they" were going for.

  2. The last one is arugula, a peppery tasting salad green. Very cold tolerant.

    1. Thank-you for the ID!

      Now I can say I encountered arugula in the wild and survived.