Thursday, December 3, 2020

Imagine, a world free of Librarians....



One would presume that the abolition of all rules and the enforcement thereof would eliminate all jobs for librarians.

Just put the books on any shelf, assuming anybody brings them back.


  1. Librarians? Books? Libraries are quickly becoming as outdated as livery stables. Libraries generally are giving away their hardcopy books, and turning into internet cafes.
    Everyone has computers, smartphones, tablets and connectivity. Google and other search engines have replaced the research librarian for most purposes.
    Not saying this is a good thing, but it means librarians are virtually useless as an appendix and will be extinct as dinosaurs.

  2. Mr Joe,
    I'm kinda new around here. I just found your corner of the interwebs maybe six weeks to two months ago. Born in Eaton Rapids, fished the Island and the dam over by Miller's as a boy. Delivered the High Water Mark to buy my first pocket knife. I very much enjoy reading your take on things.
    To this post in particular, I've noticed a great many people making demands these days. Groups demanding this or that, actors & actresses, students, teachers... and the list goes on. What I don't often hear is the "or else" which should be included in any demand. What's the "or else" here? I need the consequences in order to weigh whether or not I wish to comply with the demand. Are these librarians threatening to strike? To quit their lofty positions and move into the private sector of shushing while filing? I hear a quality shusher can bring in quite a pretty penny in today's high demand market.