Sunday, December 13, 2020

Snot-nosed kids


Does anybody else remember, early in the Covid crisis, it was suggested that most children were essentially immune because they had been freshly exposed to a portfolio of Covid-family-of-virus as they counted coup on the fifty-or-so colds the typical snot-nosed kid gets before age 8?

Has anybody successfully explained why women tend to be less harmfully impacted by Covid-19 then men are. Yes, I heard that men have more dangly-bits that might (or might not) be attractive to Covid-19. The last time I looked, most women also had dangly-bits, just located a bit north and west of men's dangly-bits.

One very weird thing about this virus is that it purely monkey-hammers some people but leaves others almost un-touched.

I would dearly love to see Big-Data tease out if recent exposure to snot-nosed kids confers any advantage. They could look at rates, mortality and morbidity of daycare workers and lower elementary school teachers.

The problem from a Pharma standpoint, is that spending time with younger children is not something they can put a meter on and create profit.


  1. It might be a dietary thing...Most women eat a multivitamin more or less daily...(Some eat a handful of suplements) and one of them is Vitamin D....if you are at (or slightly above) the RDA of D, then the effects of Covid-19 are generally less....which also explains why folks with higher levels of melanin have gerater reactions and higher death rates from Covid.

    Plus, a higher percentage of men work, which means they interact with other folks more than your average housewife...

    But my money is on the vitamin D.

  2. Objective data is hard to find, since the very people that are paid by .GOV to studt and mitigate diseases like this are in bed with big pharma and one-worlder types. Fauci and Birx come to mind.

    I have not trusted their death count for 6 months.

    Lyin liars gonna lie.


  4. Sorry but this is a twofer. Do you remember back in early 2019 the mysterious respiratory ailments being reported about teens suddenly having severe lung problems then in 1 to 2 days dying? At the time some people thought there was a connection to vaping products from guess where. What are the chances there is no connection to our current covid situation. Part 2, there used to be a saying..."blah, blah, blah or you'll catch your death of cold. Is it possible that a couple centuries ago some colds were much worse than what we're used to today? Some of those old sayings may have more meaning that we attribute to them. You know, just another day in the salt mines.

  5. It also seems to be something they want mothers to avoid. They could be making powerpoints instead . . . .