Thursday, December 24, 2020

Fake News Friday: Wakanda within the Continental US


Dear Black Neighbors:

Even though we were not held slaves by White people, we have deep feelings for your racial pain. I hope you don't mind our presuming to say so.

Moved by empathy at the systemic racism that prevents you and your people from succeeding, my family took a vote and we agreed to GIVE you almost three million acres (over 4000 square-miles) in the South to create Wakanda.

The gift comes with two conditions:

In order for us to truly "feel your pain" we have to swap lives. You get our land and access to the vast sums of money the Federal government gives large land owners and you give us your tenements and whatever crumbs of support you get from the US and state government.

No backsies. This is a straight-up trade. The families who move to New Wakanda (or whatever you choose to name it) must stay for the remainder of their lives. Given the advances in biotechnology you will undoubtedly create, that could be another two or three hundred years. 

With deepest love in our hearts,

Chief Spotted Elk, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota


  1. Why does it have to be down south? Why can't it be out west? Plenty of government land out west that is just being wasted on national parks and such.

  2. SOUTH Dakota. 4000 sq.miles=6.02 x 10 * 23 cubic meters.

  3. Where does it say that the folks that live on the Pine Ridge reservation can't move wherever they feel like, anywhere in the USA, RIGHT NOW!

  4. Give them the state of California.


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