Friday, December 4, 2020

Spoiled children in the check-out line

We know how this ends.

The parent tried to love their child into behaving well. They never wanted to make a scene.

The child quickly figured out how to manipulate their parent. That is their job.

The parent bribed their child to behave in a civilized way. The worse the misbehavior or the more public the venue, the larger the bribes.

The child took notes.

Now the kid is on the brink of adulthood. They resent having to go to Walmart with mommie. They are going to let everybody know it.

Show time.

Merchandise gets swept off the shelves. Carts over-turned. Bottles broken. Abusive language flies.

As long as the show was between Mom and the Brat, it was Mom's rodeo. But it stops being a private affair once the Brat overturns somebody else's cart, or gets red wine on something that needs dry-cleaning or an adult slips-trips on the trash on the floor or the kid assaults one of the other shoppers.

How is this any different than how the Democratic party treats their captive zoo-topia of voters?

The Dems either bring their menagerie to heel or it will be done for them. Like Open-Mic night at the tavern, the amateurs will run the show and it ain't gonna be pretty.


  1. The child will be taught adult lessons, the way this is going.

  2. Raise your children with respect and consequences for bad behavior!

  3. The democrats/communists, since you brought them up, will have to be corrected most severely. Most severely indeed.
    *elevator doors open, an elevator-full of blood sloshes out*

  4. Dogsledder has it.

    They chose to ignore laws about fair and open elections to effect regime change they could not achieve lawfully.

    Many patriots take that very personally. Since they chose to break the law and the government is abetting them instead of correcting that behavior, it should come as no surprise when blood spills in communities all across this nation.

  5. Gromit is right. ADULT lessons are about to happen...

  6. I think the Left is trying to reel it back in. We'll see if it works . . .