Monday, December 28, 2020

Other causes of mortality

Kubota was in a traffic accident last week. Details are sketchy and will probably remain so. Both occupants of the vehicle were injured. Kubota is in a sling with a strained rotator-cuff injury, bruises and cuts.

Then, this weekend, one of the neighborhood kids was in a traffic accident. He was not so lucky.

Mrs ERJ is close to the kid's grandmother and it really shook up Mrs ERJ. That could have just as easily been Kubota.

That family has had a tough year and it did not get any easier. Please keep them in your prayers.


  1. Rotator cuffs - those can be tricky recoveries, and that tiny little muscle does a million different dexterity functions. My mom has lost one of hers, left side - gone. You might want to start exploring P.T. exercises - they definitely benefit the recovery process and help prevent re-injury, which can sometimes mean catastrophe.

  2. When God says time's up, it does shake up loved ones. To live is Christ, to die is gain. Prayers to Our Father now for Joe, family and the survivor's as we grieve with you. Amen

  3. Old NFO: Thanks. I will pass the word along.

    Aggie: Yeah, like he would listen to my advice.

    Greg: The timing is not negotiable, is it. Thanks for the prayers.

    1. I know of several people who have had rotator cuff surgeries, including my wife. They all have had a wide range of recoveries, and my wife never did recover very well. She ended up with what they call a frozen shoulder, which is just what it sounds like. The actual injury, as you know, is quite painful.
      My family has suffered the loss of two young girls,due to auto accidents. My oldest brothers daughter was 20, and my second oldest brothers granddaughter was 18. Details were sketchy for both,but for them,there was alcohol involved,which is why there was little said as far as details. But it of course tears the heart and soul out of the parents, or grandparents. And really, how can you really offer a whole lot of comfort,when you have just lost a part of your very being? I know all of the right things we are supposed to say,and the Biblical things that are meant to bring comfort,but if I were to lose one of my 3 daughters, or my 2 sons,I don't know how my heart could continue to beat, and I am a Christian, who is very close to my Lord and Savior. You can be certain that I will hold the neighborhood family up in my prayers,as often as the Holy Spirit brings them into my heart, as I know that I will think of them often.
      Again, I know all of the right things to say, and all the Bible passages that are meant to bring comfort. And I used to be one of the Deacons of a Baptist church,and so I often visited those who had lost a loved one. The only thing that I found that was of the slightest bit of comfort, to someone grieving,was to just sit there, with them,for as long as both I could stay,and as long as I felt that I was not in the way. I had several people later tell me that my just being there meant so much to them. I didn't speak a lot, mostly just listened, got them coffee, drank some with them, and at times, wept along with the family, if the one who had passed was one of the church family and I had been close to them. I was only 25 or so at the time, so I was pretty young to be a Deacon,but I had a tender heart that was easily touched, and I didn't feel ashamed if I wept with the family. At times, I feel like God weeps with us, when we are sad.

      best wishes, for a speedy recovery for Kubota, and comfort from the Holy Spirit for your neighbors.