Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Follow-up on MLS Demographic post



I wanted to publish a follow-up to the Demographic post.

Most of us are not likely to be besieged by 15-to-20 year-old women seeking shelter in Fort ERJ or Fort Curtis or where ever. But if we were, wouldn't it be nice to have a set of criteria to sort through those we let in the gate and those we suggest try elsewhere?

I contemplated a test but then realized the answer was staring me in the face.

Just look at her hands.

Look at the hand shown above. A single, simple, low-profile ring. Tidy nails. Fingers red from scrubbing dishes or cleaning. Sleeves a bit sloppy from being rolled up. Edges of the sleeve not-white to hide smudges from working.

This is a young woman who would make money for you if you ran a business or will be an asset if forted-in for "the duration".

By comparison, look at this woman's hands. Can you picture her face if you suggested she put on a pair of work gloves and stack wood?

There were other criteria but they fade in comparison to "the hands"

Ideal height of 4'-8" to 5'-2" to minimize food requirements.

Able to pick up thirty pounds and put it on the top of the woodpile as many times as needed.

William-Adolphe Bouguereau's Letoile Lost. She is the pinnacle of beauty circa 1884. Not a rib or hip-bone in sight.

A few extra pounds of body-fat is desirable. 30%-to-35% body-fat is a GOOD thing in a young lady when vittles might be hard to come by.

A biddable personality.

An old-fashioned word, there: "Biddable". Old-fashioned answers for old-fashioned problems...barbarians at the gate, starvation, lack of external entertainment. Skills can be taught if the pupil is willing.


  1. You tell a lot about a person by their hands - and their footwear

  2. And by their shoes shall you know them...I read somewhere.

  3. As they say, Down-East: 'Shade in summah, wahrmth in the winteh'.

  4. Funny you should mention in a roundabout way, the positive things about a woman who has a few curves. The Feral Irishman has a post up today with a very beautiful woman, from some days of yore, and the significant thing about her is the fact that she is not one of what would be considered today to be a beautiful woman, but instead is the type of woman that those of us who are my age, around 60. She is not a fat person by any means, but is more of the type of woman that Playboy of the 1970's would have put in the center pages of the magazine, and for good reason.
    As for the kind of woman you started to describe, it was almost as if you were looking at the so called Proverbs 31 woman, as you set out to describe the ideal woman to share your space in a grid down type of situation. I don't think that was accidental, but rather, just what King Solomon set out to describe as the function of the proper wife, and also, the proper role of the husband. For the husband had just as important of a role in the home as did the wife,with the only difference being that public decisions made outside the home were made by the men.It was a patriarchal society. But women were for the most part equal, and especially in the running of the home.