Saturday, December 26, 2020

Men who do evil in the night

From Dangerous

Hobos were itinerant workers. They often rode the trains and never got paid enough to stay in hotels or eat at restaurants. Consequently, they relied on the charity of kind-hearted people.

Not everybody was kind, though. So they devised an ad-hoc system of marking curbs, walls or walkways to inform other hobos about the nature of the residents living in houses close to the railway.

Quite likely, there were regional variation in the marks but the image shown above gives you a sense of what was important to a hobo. Notice that the symbols are coarse enough that they could be rendered with a bit of chalk or charcoal.

Taking names and kicking...

Alinkski's First Rule is "Power is not only what you have but what your enemies think you have"

One of the things you learn when you are handling animals like cows or sheep is to avoid looking directly at them. Herbivores have eyes set on either side of their heads to give them 360 degrees of vision. Predators have both eyes facing forward to give them binocular vision.

When a cow sees two eyes, they instinctively realize A.) The animal looking at them is a predator and B.) The predator is looking at THEM! Looking directly at a cow at close range results in a major shift in their personality. You quickly understand the origin of the word "coward".

Men do evil in the night

One way to get children to behave is to let them know they are being watched

I propose a curb symbol to identify those who have been destroying our country. It would be on the curb OPPOSITE the home where the traitor lives. That way, they will see the eyes every time they look out their window or as they back down their driveway.

Men do evil by night because they hate the light and fear being identified and held accountable. A little bit of fear is not a bad thing.

Bonus Link: All Politics are Local

Eyes: Just letting you know that you are being watched. Arrow pointing at the house in question. Simple enough to make with a can of spray paint.


  1. I agree. A little pushback in the front end can often prevent violence later. ---ken

  2. Alinkski's rule about what your enemies THINK you have reminds me about a very important thought that I had when George W. Bush, under the encouragement of Dick Cheney, invaded Iraq. The pretense was because Saddam Hussein had WMD, which we knew to be true,for two reasons,first,because he gassed the Kurds, his own people, in the north, and second, because we sold them to him.
    But I don't think that at that late date, he had any weapons of mass destruction left. He either had destroyed them, or had sent them out of the country. But he was a man with many enemies. So, did he want to just let his enemies know that he didn't have any WMD left,and so,hey, come on in and attack us, because we don't really have anything to hit you with that will actually unbalance the power to my side. No, of course not, what he did was kept people, and especially his enemies thinking that he had not only chemical weapons, but also a possible nuclear device of some type, probably a couple of dirty nuclear bombs. And while I don't think that he did, his ruse seemed to work, for he was never invaded other than by the U.S.A.