Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Fine Art Tuesday



Peter Gric born 1968 in Czech Republic. Still alive at the time of this writing.

Peter Gric specializes in futuristic landscapes, surrealism and fantastic realism. His website

Caves hold an appeal on those days when things are not going well.

These caves are typical of limestone caves. They form when the water percolating downward encounters the water table. Limestone has a peculiar solubility curve. It is concave-down. That means that combining two, otherwise saturated solutions results in the combined solution being less than saturated.

When the downward percolating water (which quickly becomes saturated) encounters the water table (which is saturated), the two streams intermingle and dissolve the limestone where the two streams join.

Hence the propensity for limestone formations to have a multitude of caves at a given elevation, like a woodpecker working his way around the trunk of a tree.

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