Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Road Trip

Fast Eddie and I made a road-trip to LeMasters-Hudson in Grand Rapids today.

They sold two handguns in the time we were there.

One was a Taurus G3 that was sold to a man in a wheelchair. He was missing one leg. Fast Eddie was fascinated by how the man got into the passenger door of his car, disassembled his wheelchair and stashed it in the back seat and then scooted over to the driver's side.

I got the sense that the buyer lived in a "tough" part of town. A man in a wheelchair is an easy victim...unless he is carrying a firearm he knows how to use.

They had some primers in stock. They were in a locked case. The price was $90 a thousand.

While $90 a thousand sound like they are scalping, many of the larger internet sites are charging $1650 per thousand for loaded ammo. Seen through that lens, $90 a thousand for primers is still a bargain. Smaller retailers like LeMasters-Hudson are in a damned if they do, damned if they don't situation.

Sales are likely to fall off a cliff on January 22 regardless of who is sworn in. The supply pipeline is being wrung dry so they will have supply issues. Shooters are attempting to buy eight years worth of shooting supplies and are running out of $$$ and places to store things so they will have weak demand due to pulled-ahead sales.

LeMasters-Hudson is very good at answering their phone (616-361-6038)during business hours if you have any questions. If it is still listed on their Armslist page then there is still a 95% chance it is still in stock.


It doesn't look like much.


More than fifty pounds on the bathroom scale. It cracked me up when I noticed the brand name of the scale.


  1. 50 pounds of lead is a pretty good score.

  2. Good score indeed. I haven't seen lead wheel weights in years. All I get seem to be a zinc alloy. The best source of lead I've found is sash weights from old double hung windows. I keep my eyes open for tear downs. The contractor is usually glad to give them to you because they are considered toxic waste and he has serious rigamarole to dispose of them properly. Best to have them "disappear".

    1. When I was a kid, those five pound sash weights made great sinkers for deep sea fishing.

  3. Snerk... I went looking for wheel weights last month. NOBODY, not a single tire shop in town had ANY... sigh...