Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Fearless predictions for 2021

1.) Prediction: Joe Biden will serve as POTUS from January 20 through the remainder of 2021. 

Reasons: One sock-puppet is just as good as another. They hid him through the entire campaign. They can hide him while he is serving. 

2.) Prediction: The GOP will retain control of the Senate.

Reasons: The Deep State will get the legislation they want by flipping a couple of soft-RINOs and can still blame the GOP when the legislation they promised the useful idiots does not get passed.


3.) Prediction: Cities will burn in July and August

Reasons: The useful idiots will start to get a clue that Deep-state doesn't owe them anything. They will blame Biden. Hell knows no fury greater than a third-string side-chick who got bumped off the end of the bench.

4.) Prediction: Prices will get crazy in very unpredictable ways.

Reasons: The United States was a society of incredible productivity and affluence. The excesses of affluence are being replaced by the excesses of privation. People will hoard on "rumors" of shortages. One person will report a truck of Brussels Sprouts over-turned in the Central Valley and the next thing you know it will be impossible to buy a single sprout for love nor money.

5.) Prediction: People will stop donating to the Democratic party.

Reasons: The Democrats/Deep-state now owns the election process. That is starting to sink in and even the dimmest bulbs can see the implications. A handful of people can create whatever margin of victory they desire by typing on a keyboard. So why do they need contributions from Unions and little-people? So Ilhan Omar can buy another three husbands and own the full set?

6.) Prediction: Former President Obama will start to sound reasonable

Reasons: There will be so many crazy people screaming crazy ideas that even former radicals will start to sound centrist.

7.) Prediction: Melania Trump will be happy

Reasons: The media treated her with less compassion than they would have given to a rabid wolf attacking the NYC's Gay Pride parade. Melania will surround herself with loyal, pleasant people and turn her back on public life. I wish her God's speed.

8.) Prediction: Donald Trump become the boogeyman the press claims he was

Reasons: He already paid the price. He might as well enjoyed the dance.

9.) Prediction: Covid will remain a drag on the economy for the entire year

Reasons: Socialists hate the private sector. Covid has been too good of a tool to discard.

10.) Prediction: Somewhere, somebody will still have a free spirit and fill their part of the universe with joy.

Reason: Because it will bother the Socialists

11.) Prediction: There will be a resurgence of interest in revolvers and the .38 Special will regain popularity

Reason: Gun control loonies want to make semi-automatics harder to own. If you want to practice with your handgun then revolvers will be the only weapon allowed in some places. As a practical matter, shooting a revolver in double-action is difficult. Mastery of the revolver in DA hones skills that transfer to other, easier-to-shoot handguns.

12.) Prediction: Not only will our country continue to split apart, every individual will split into the PUBLIC person and the PRIVATE person.

Reason: Safety. Suppose 9mm hollow-point ammo becomes worth $5 a round. Furthermore, suppose the PUBLIC me posts a picture of 5000 rounds of 9mm ammo on social media. How long before somebody breaks into my house and steals my stash?  ---Disclosure: I do not have 5000 rounds of 9mm ammo in my house. That was an example---


  1. Quality post, baby. My take: #1 Agree 2 Disagree - Same as Nov. 2020 election, rural areas and early big lead for GOP, then Atlanta results flip to Dems for both or maybe Dems for 1 seat and Warnock loses the other, 3 and 4 agree, 5 disagree - expect big tech flush with stock gains to increase donations to all sorts of left causes, 6 to 9 agree though while the economy stays weak, the capitial markets will continue to gain No opinion on remaining predictions.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. The predictions need to have a little bit of reach. Regarding the Dems losing financial support: If you were a hard leftist, why would you pass your financial support through the Dems so they could take their skim? Why not donate directly to your cause du jour?

    2. Donors don't give money to causes, at least the corruptocrats who give to the Dem party don't. They give money to Democrats to bribe them (or as protection money)to steer taxpayer money to them through legislation like the bill we saw this week, some of which is then laundered back to the Dems.

  2. So you keep you ammos stash somewhere else than in your house?

    1. Why would I have any ammo? I rely on my superior wit and my ability to reason.

  3. On number 2 - if Dems take both GA senate seats by Atlanta flipping big early GOP leads I think this will be a precarious moment for the USA. Already so many think Atlanta a handful of other big cities cheated to flip the electoral college to Biden. Atlanta had the suspicious burst pipe, the cases of ballots pulled from under tables, counting that occurred after GOP observers left, etc. A large sector of the US will think Dem victories in GA senate races will be due to fraud. How long will people who think they have cheated against stay peaceful?

  4. Joe here's a deep one for you:
    Merry Christmas
    Happy New Year's.
    I like the stuff you say.
    Don't go away, Ok?
    Your friend from Southern Colo.

  5. Predictions: #1. Yeah, they'll keep him around for a while, and long as he understands that he is a useful idiot.

    #3. Perhaps. If the SJW crowd doesn't think that it getting it's desirable amount of attention, they will gin up some other non-controversy to be outraged about.

    As for the rest of us, we're just going to do our damndest to ignore him.

    Merry Christmas, Joe.

  6. If the election is stolen from President Trump, the news will be dominated by just one story- the revolt of the Trump voters. It will be as spicy as Ghost pepper habanero sauce.

  7. In any case, 2021 is going to be an 'interesting' year...

  8. Re:#12 I may be a bit paranoid, but that's the way I've lived most of my life. Social media is new, I have family that I won't let know what I own.

  9. Your number 8 will come true, as Trump's second term begins, so your numbers 1 & 7 will not.

  10. - #12 is already true and will get much worse.
    - The Senate will be lost in Georgia next month, since none of the procedures to flush out fraudulent absentee balloting have been corrected yet, and no corrections appear to be forthcoming. If the Republican Establishment thought that dirty voting tricks were only meant for Trump, then they are not smart enough to recognize that being eaten 'last' is on the schedule for 'Soon'.
    - Comeuppance will begin being served to the types of urban loud-mouthed-Alinksyite lunatics who have been making life miserable to the normies for the past 4 years. They will manifest themselves in select, short personal interactions away from witnesses. This will happen as residents realize (1) the protests are moving from the city to their neighborhood, (2) the political class is doing nothing to stop it, and is in fact voicing full-throated encouragement, and (3) the police are being instructed not to enforce the law, when they're not being dismantled. Many residents are growing eager for this opportunity.

  11. Those who are able and willing to do what needs to be done don't talk about it.

  12. I dunno, Joe.
    I can tell you're an optimist.
    Merry Christmas!