Thursday, December 3, 2020

One day at a time

They don't look very happy. There were about 15 plants crammed in each pot and wrapped in plastic. The plants were starved for light and were under exceptionally humid conditions. They should perk up once they get used to their new conditions.



Kubota got laid-off Tuesday.

He was not in a good space about being unemployed, a fact that I was secretly happy about.

We went out and cut firewood at the deer lease. I really don't have a place to put the wood at the moment but Kubota needed to do something to take his mind off his plight.

He was a lot happier after I slipped him a few bucks for his help.

I will give the wood to Sprite when Kubota isn't watching.

He had applied to Amazon but they are in the final sprint to the Holidays and training is a drag on productivity. If he had been laid off two weeks earlier...

We are at the young-bull/old-bull stage where he doesn't take advice well. Consequently, he gets to muddle his way through this one on his own.


Seed catalogs seem to have more than the usual number of out-of-stock items. I suggest you place your order early. But, if you buy more than the usual number of seeds I ask that you either plant them or gift them to somebody who will.


Belladonna is a scary-good cook.

As a guy who now needs to watch his weight, I don't need better tasting food. Belladonna's perspective is different. Her thinking is that if she is only going to eat a modest amount of food, then it should have immense flavor-impact. That way, her brain will THINK she ate a lot.

For the first time in a long time I put herbs in one of our sunny windows.

I bought some "super market" herb plants and split them apart. The set-up is not fancy. I repotted them into paper cups.  I hope Bella likes basil, cilantro and rosemary.

Old Blue

The local recycling professional picked up Old Blue and hauled him off. I asked that he give me back the tires. I expect to see them in a few days.


The mouse on the "office" computer crapped out. Mrs ERJ purchased a new one. Mrs ERJ does the weekly schedule for Mom's care and the lack of a functional mouse cramped her style.


  1. I have to ask, what is "Old Blue?" A tractor, an old truck?

    1. An old truck. Bolts holding torque converter to flywheel stripped out. A $1000 truck with $400 tires and +$900 to get it back on the road.

    2. Know how you feel. Had a '99 Tahoe that, after hitting a deer, lost the transmission. $1800 to fix, plus a new A/C compressor, about $800 bucks.

      Vehicle only worth a grand so got rid of it. Wish I'd kept it, looking back. Best riding car/truck I ever had. Plus with the 350ci motor, never had a problem with towing.

  2. As the person that does virtually all the cooking around here, I can say with certainty, YUM to the herbs. Basil has a definite black licorice flavor to it... I hate black licorice and yet in reasonably small doses with other herbs it adds to a dish like roasted potatoes. Just this year I had grown boatloads of basil and having read that some people put the leaves on pizza I decided to give it a try. Who'd a thunk it, the Italians seem to know something about pizza. Next trip pick up a thyme and sage cutting. Rosemarie is my fave as it's not only great fresh but dried ,tossed into my coffee mill with other herbs and pulsed all flavor... no stabby sticks in the mouth. While I realize it's too late for this mouse purchase let me suggest something we've been using for more that 2 decades. It's called the Logitech trackball(and no I don't own stock or get anything out of the recommendation). Instead of rolling the mouse all over the place you use your thumb to move the ball. Helps(I'm told) with carpel tunnel, takes a little time to get used to but once you do get used to it, unless you are left handed, you would rather kill than go back to a regular mouse.

    1. I'm using a Microsoft Explorer trackball that is about 15 years old. It's been completely refurbished once. Go on ebay and look up Microsoft Explorer Trackball. They originally sold for about $25. I've seen ones that are still new-in-box going for as much as $800. They definitely change your productively and transform your browsing - you can program the buttons for going 'forward' and 'backward' within the browser.

    2. The one I was referring to runs about $25 has a pair of buttons already programmed for forward and back,a scroll wheel and is wireless. But they still only make them for "righties". My experience is that that keeping a toothbrush handy for cleaning under the ball is a good idea. and that after a couple years of hard use the left click switch either wears out or is jammed with dust/fuzz. It is my understanding that the switch is a common inexpensive one to replace and I really ought to get a few of those switches because it's all the wife and I use, so we have several that need that switch replaced sitting around. lol

  3. Sorry for Kubota. One hopes he finds better employment quickly! Re the eating, yeah...I eat good food once a week when we have our group dinners, and I'm not making much progress losing weight for some reason... sigh