Monday, November 30, 2020

End of November Mast Report


There are still a few apples hanging on. This is a seedling of Keepsake. Seedlings of Keepsake and Golden Delicious tend to hang onto their apples past ripeness. If I were planting grafted apples to attract wildlife I would consider Keepsake, Golden Delicious, Gold Rush, Golden Russet and Kerr.

Kerr apple. Kerr has a goodly dose of crab apple genes in its pedigree. Crab apples depend on birds eating them to spread the seeds. Consequently, many crab apples are very persistent, some selections hanging on to their fruit until the birds return in the spring.


Korean Giant Asian Pear

Shinko Asian Pear

2020 was not a good year for mast.


  1. So not much in the way of acorns and such?

    By the way, Persimmon is a really nice wood if you can find a tree big enough to slab some planks off of.

    1. It was a light year for acorns. We had a couple of hard frosts around May 10.

      I was surprised at the affect it had on trees that pollinate in late June, early July (Chestnuts, persimmons). The frost killed off the shoots extending from the primary buds and, apparently, the shoots arising from the secondary buds are not as fruitful.


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