Friday, November 6, 2020

The Wheels of Justice

The wheels of justice turn slowly but grind exceedingly fine.

It is too early to make any calls regarding the election but I don't know if Trump will get relief from the courts in time to help him out.

That old joke now leaves a bitter taste. You know the joke about conservatives telling their lay-about Liberal neighbors that the election had been extended for their benefit so they could vote on Wednesday and Thursday. It looks like some of that happened.

Liberals are still losing their minds even though they claim to have won the election.

It ain't over until the next President is sworn in.

On a positive note

The Kid had a great interaction with a grumpy old-guy on Wednesday.

He was fishing on a dock when one of the pedestrians started railing on him. The old guy accused the Kid of removing the tape and sign that closed the dock for the season.

I didn't see the conflict but I heard most of it. I was letting it be his.

I expected fireworks.

It didn't happen.

Less than a minute later I heard the old geezer telling the Kid that "...Yeah, I think it has bluegills and bass in it but I don't know about any catfish..."

Afterword, I told the Kid to replay what he had done with the old-man to change the interaction. I told him that most people put their failures on continuous-loop but really we should study our successes as much as our failures.

He told me that the first thing he did was get off the dock. Then he "yessir" and "nossirred" him. Then he asked for an opinion.

Today is a Mom day

I don't know how active the blog will be today.


Readers who are willing to comment make this a better blog. Civil dialog is a valuable thing.