Sunday, November 22, 2020

The dog kettle


This is where the meat scraps went.

I am re-thinking feeding it to the dogs.

It smells pretty good....maybe if I added a few chili peppers.....


  1. Awe come on man, the dogs are family. They love human grade food. I shared my Little Caesars pizza with the cat and dog yesterday. I ate it like it was my last meal with them. All hell has broke loose here in pueblo colo. It's a real deal pandemic right now. Impossible to avoid unless you isolate, which will make you crazy quick. At least our homo governor hasn't closed the restaurants here, yet.

  2. My old beagle is dying, and to brighten his day I've started giving him cooking scraps. They have completely changed his outlook on life. I think on my next dog I won't be so strict about dog food only.


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