Friday, November 13, 2020

Life as a Guy

A crudely made video with about a two minute run-time.

"Life as a Guy"

The amazing thing is that these girls probably wonder why nobody asks them out any more.

The third girl is my favorite. I could take her cutting wood.


  1. I'm still looking for a Rancher Girl with big arms who can split fire wood.

    (Hopeless romantic I am!)

  2. It's all too true.
    When I was single (3 years ago) I often met single women in churches who would tell me there were no good guys - right after I saw them brush off a good guy who approached them!

  3. How funny or not. Just happened to me. At church. There was a hot little spanish gal I had the wanted to talk to. My age. Single. A little roughed up seeing that we are 60 now. But nope. As soon as I spoke and announced my name she audibly shrieked or groaned or something like that. Just like the movie. To let me know I crossed the line on being overly friendly. I hate talking to single girls at church. And single guys are treated as poisonous in group settings there. Bottom line is if you are a attractive woman who people like to look at I don't qualify to be around you. I know, I am a blabber mouth. I don't care. The woman who looks like a old shoe are the ones I talk to now. Proven fact: If I flirt with older walmart cashiers they accidently forget to charge me for stuff like fishing poles and motor oil. Happens over and over. They appreciate the attention and interest I give them. And this is from over 20 years of being a divorced man in congregational settings.

    1. I feel for guys in your situation.

      Every thinking guy who is married to a good woman realizes that luck (or God) had much to do with it.


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