Saturday, November 14, 2020

The joys of reloading



Today was the day we raked Mom's yard.

I learned that one of my nieces has a "Lady Smith" and cannot find ammo.

I had enough odds-and-ends sitting around that I could help her out.

3.3 grains of Titegroup is near the low-end of what Hodgdon recommends. I have seen grown men shooting snubbies with hot loads and it was clearly an unpleasant adventure.

My gut feel is that my niece is best served with a load that she can control and she will practice with. It is better to hit the goblin with 2-or-3 mild loads than to miss him with all five hot loads.


  1. Exactly right. A hit with a .22 is better than a miss with a 44..--ken

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    1. I have cast my own and I have a bucket of wheel weights. But so far I have been buying most of my bullets.

      Mostly because I have never been very fast at casting and it is so fast to order them.

  3. My first handgun experience was with a snubby 38. With standard wadcutter loads it was a relatively unpleasant experience. One day at the range another shooter offered me the opportunity to fire his tricked out .45. I hung my head in shame while I explained that if the .38 was kickin' my butt then the .45 was obviously going to be way too much gun for me. He persisted, I relented, and in a show of good will offered to let him to fire the .38. That .45 was really sweet. I offered to let him shoot the .38 some more but he declined.

  4. Concur! And nothing wrong with carrying/using Wadcutters as carry ammo. Lite shooting, accurate, and it WILL penetrate!

  5. 3.5 gr or 2.7 gr of Bullseye with 148 wadcutters worked for me.

  6. It is better to hit the goblin with 2-or-3 mild loads than to miss him with all five hot loads.

    EXCELLENT!!! My wife carries her little Smith .38 and is DEADLY accurate at 10 yds.

  7. A good set of Hogue or similar grips enhance handling through recoil reduction and more surface area, if the trade-off in concealment is acceptable. My groups tightened noticeably after installation and running through 50 rounds is much more pleasant.

  8. I like the semi-wadcutters, as I can use them in speedloaders much better than full wadcutters. I also like Titegroup for both .38 and 9mm Para.


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