Thursday, November 19, 2020

First impressions: .350 Legend vs. 12 Gauge

Pros for 12 Gauge: 

  • Ammo is everywhere
  • More versatile. Can shoot bunnies and birds on the move with shot
  • The slug makes a huge hole and usually leaves a blood-trail Stevie Wonder can follow 


  • Accuracy of 99% of the "platforms" chambered in 12 Gauge are severely limited in accuracy due to not-so-solid connection of barrel-to-receiver and horrible triggers
  • Recoil is intimidating
  • Reloading is slower
  • Most slugs in 12 Gauge don't penetrate exceptionally well
Pros for .350 Legend
  • Purpose-built platforms totally outclass 12 Gauge platforms for accuracy
  • Scope mounts are far more robust
  • Much less recoil
  • Much flatter trajectory out past 70 yards
  • Some offerings, like the 180gr Power Point, in .350 Legend penetrate exceptionally well and are suitable for hogs.


  • Blood trail is less than 12 gauge
  • Ammo availability can be a problem
  • Single purpose gun...designed to kill deer-sized animals in states that have severe limitations on rifles. There are better choices for rabbits and squirrels and moose and pigeons and for shooting targets out past 200 yards. And in states that are not highly restrictive you would probably be better off with a 7mm-08 or .260 Creedmore or .308 Winchester for deer.


  1. If I recollect my time in Michigan, a good bit of the Lower Peninsula is shotgun only. The extremely flat terrain is the rationale. Rifle rounds just carry too far. Is that still the case?

    1. Slowly, bit-by-bit the restrictions are easing. Partially due to the insurance companies complaining about the deer-traffic accidents.

      It sucks when a municipality has to PAY MONEY to hire professional hunters to come in and cull deer from golf courses and the like.

      Michigan was the last state to allow elevated deer blinds. In general, that means you are shooting down at the target and have a natural "safe" backdrop. Not always, but often.

      Michigan, like many other midwestern states, allows straight walled cartridges of up to 1.8" in case length and a minimum of 0.350" in diameter.

      The ironic thing is that faster moving projectiles are more likely to disintegrate on impact. The slow-movers are relatively more likely to stay in one piece and tumble.

      Thanks for asking.

  2. I tried a 12ga slugger. Couldn't sight in because I'd flinch knowing how bad it hurt. Got a 20ga savage bolt slug gun. Doesn't resemble a shotgun. Very accurate. Used to be cheap at walmart. Hard to find proper ammo, but you don't need much.

  3. .350 Legend is in stock in just about every Wal-Mart here in the Kansas City area. Lemme know if you want some. I don't have anything that'll shoot it, but I can pick it up and ship it. At least Wal-Mart hasn't gotten into the price-gouging game.

  4. I didn't check the "Notify Me" box on the last comment. I did on this one, so if you reply to it, I'll see it.

    1. Thank-you for your generous offer.

      I don't like to mention quantities on the internet, but I bought "some" components for reloading and have "enough" for the immediate future.

      But thanks a million. Perhaps other readers will chime in if they are in need.



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