Thursday, November 26, 2020

Availability of weapons is not a viable control variable for reducing murder rates

 From the comments:

(Profiling) Only works on people with brains, that plan their actions. In Shytown they act on impulse with no thought to consequences at all. Hard to use logic against it.    Comment by riverrider

This observation cuts close to the heart of the matter.

If Pol-Pot's forces executed hundreds-of-thousands of Cambodians with plastic bags. If chicken leg-bone can be sharpened into a shiv or 15" of fourteen gauge wire and two, 4" pegs into a garrote. If the London Police confiscate screwdrivers and butter-knives as lethal weapons...then it is purely impossible to eliminate murders by eliminating weapons.

People are too resourceful. In the end, even a fist, a boot-stomping or a broken bottle will suffice.

Self-discipline and the ability to consider consequences

Any thinking human can see that the problem is that certain sub-cultures have been given a mulligan on learning the skill of self-discipline. Because, you see, the glorification of self-denial is "White".

Skills are learned through repetition. Given enough repetitions, the most-used skills are the plates that float to the top of the stack. They are the first skill applied and, when it works, the last skill used.

Sabotaged by kindness

I have a neighbor. We discussed "Junior's" lack of ability to defer enjoyment.

I had an idea. "Offer him a dollar on Sunday but tell him you would give him two dollars on Monday if he would trust you. Likewise, on Monday, offer him four on Tuesday if he did not take the two on Monday. Then eight on Wednesday, sixteen on Thursday and thirty on Friday."

I figured my neighbor could stand to get soaked for thirty dollars a week for a few months.

Imagine my surprise when my neighbor told me it wasn't working. The kid tagged out Wednesday with the eight dollars. It happened three weeks running.

Knowing better than to ask the kid, I talked to the kid's older sister.

She was disgusted. Sissy told me that Grandma was sure "Dad" was way too hard on the little nipper. She slipped him $20 on Wednesday, which along the $8 was enough for a week's worth of low-quality weed.

Granny's very low opinion of her grandson...that he could not push a mower, clean gutters or WORK torpedoed the dad's efforts. Granny undoubtedly thought she was being altruistic when, in fact, she was effing up the young man's life.

The sticking point

Progressives would have to admit that some elements associated with "White culture" have value.

Progressives would have to give up the cheap high of false altruism.

Do not hold your breath.


  1. It's not White's Asian culture as well. You haven't heard of "tiger moms"? Tiger moms push you to succeed academically, push you into playing a musical instrument, push you to delay gratification (in some cases for YEARS).

    1. Malcolm Gladwell wrote an essay about Asian rice-cultures. A farmer can productively work for 3000 hours a year in cultivating rice and other crops.

      In Western Europe, the climate supported about 1700 hours a year. Work shut down in the winter.

      The baseline for Asian rice-cultures is to work approximately twice as many hours per year as Western European agricultural societies.

      Dairy farmers excepted.

    2. Livestock farming in general is year round.

  2. My theory on weed and drugs is that all drugs should be legal to possess but illegal to sell upon penalty of death. Give it away for free if you want, grow some weed in your back yard, but sell any even once- even weed- and you get the lethal needle for first offense. No sales, no trades. No mercy. Takes the profit out of the drugs without the bleeding hearts crying about the children. As in the case of murder, the death penalty actually does prevent offenders repeating their crimes.

    1. I trust your drugs theory applies to the big pharma corporations as well. Big pharma has destroyed lives and our society on a level that street deals cannot compare

  3. P.S.- I advocate the lethal needle for the crime of rape (and murder). And for felonies by government officials too. Society has every bit of crime and bad behavior that it will tolerate. We have way too much crime and bad behavior for my taste already. If the liberal judges will not end it, ... well, you can fill in the rest.

  4. Star ship troopers, the movie