Friday, November 13, 2020

Vitamin D, Zinc and Baby Aspirin

 *** I am not a doctor in spite of what I tell Mrs ERJ. Consult with your personal doctor before doing anything related to your health ***

As information started seeping out regarding the possible advantages (with regard to Covid-19) of taking supplemental Vitamin D, Zinc and low-dose aspirin, I did what any forward thinking prepper would do.

I bought a few extra bottles.

Then, when the bottles in the corner cupboard in the kitchen ran out I went looking for those bottles I bought.

And do you suppose I could find them?

Fortunately, Puritan's Pride was more than happy to sell me some more. It took about four days for them to show up on our doorstep.

This time I was smart. Mrs ERJ was more than happy to stash them somewhere where SHE will be able to find them.

Good managers are smart enough to delegate to the best person available.

Vitamin D

Let me repeat...I am not a doctor.

This webpage suggests that 1000-to-4000 IU of Vitamin D "...should be enough to ensure optimal blood levels for most people."


I am currently taking 50 mg/day. 50mg is 455% of the RDA minimum.

Zinc balance is quite robust in the human body. Our guts do not absorb zinc when it is not needed.

Low dose Aspirin

There is not much down-side if you tolerate it well.

Low-dose aspirin is linked to reduced risk of heart attacks, lung embolisms, ischemic strokes and other issues associated with excessive clotting. It is also linked to reduced risk of bowel cancer. Many of the potentially fatal manifestations of Covid-19 spring from death of red blood cells and the excessive clotting that can result.


I trust that my readers are adults. Read this blog for entertainment purposes. Do your own research. Talk to your own doctor. Make your own decisions.


  1. A local talk show host told the supplements he takes daily, apparently with his docs knowledge: 10,000 units of vitamin d,50 units of zinc in am and 50 in pm,500 mg of vitamin c in am and 500 in pm, and 2-10 mg of something called famotidine(apparently in pepcid). So far he is still alive.

  2. A little precaution is cheap and likely worth it.

    Supplementing to excess is just making expensive urine.


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