Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Math Illiterate Journalists


Headlines from HERE

The article implies that the THC levels are 14% higher than they were in 1970. Does anybody read those headlines any differently?

Graphic from the research that was referenced in the article.

THC levels bounced around 1% in the 1970s. Now they are around 14%. That is 14 TIMES higher, not 14%. Expressed as a percent, it would be 1300% higher.

And these are the "educated" elites who are telling everybody there was no election fraud.


  1. As one who smoked a little weed back in the 70's and have tried a little bit a couple of years ago when I had insomnia, I can vouch for the much greater strength of the present weed. It will absolutely take your breath away.

  2. The level of THC is only one thing to consider. The elephant in the room is the genetic splicing that is occurring with absolutely no oversight. Here in Colorado; ground zero for the weed industry, the different strains that are being sold have been spliced with genes from grasshoppers to strawberries and everything in between. What health effects will come from this? No one knows. Not to mention the levels of herbicides and pesticides used. I’m sure the next generation will pay the cost both in health effects and insurance cost.

  3. Always remember: journalists are rich kids that were too dumb for law school.

  4. Yep. Used to be, in the 70's, you could have a bale of reefer in your car trunk and not smell it.

    Today, one joint? You can smell it from 10' away. The good stuff? From 10' away while it's locked in an air-tight container under a pile of moldy gym clothes in a locked car.

    Sparking a modern joint? Hooo-boy. Smell it from a block away. Literally, cops can be two car lengths behind a pothead and smell it, in traffic, while moving.

    What's really bad is most of the research about the negative aspects of marijuana use are from the 70's. And the indications are of mental retardation, potential lung problems and such.

    ER personnel are actually seeing 'marijuana overdoses.' Which is something nobody expected to see.

  5. Sigh... It's not ditch weed anymore...

  6. I've got no experience as a pot grower or user, but as a
    past hemp farmer, I've followed the other Cannabis industry, 'cause that's where much of the knowledge base resides.
    14%? That's low-level stuff that probably doesn't get much love from high-end users. Popular strains like Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue, Sour Diesel are in the 18-24% range, some are well up above 25%.
    While some terpene profiles seem to offer help with things such as PTSD,myalgia, etc., in a 'medical' setting, profit-motivated pot growers are not interested in those 12-14% strains...nobody wants them.. cuz more is better, ya know?
    And the feds and state Dept of Ag folks hammered us hemp growers if our THC levels go above 0.3%. Ridiculous.