Thursday, November 26, 2020

Criminal Minds


"Watson, based on my deductions the killer grew up in a family without his father, is ambidextrous, wears gold-toned jewelry, listens to loud music and has a first name that starts with the letter "D"

There is a TV show called Criminal Minds where a team of detectives use modern methods of Forensic Psychology to identify and bring-to-justice serial killers.

One of the people I share a roof with LOVES this TV show.

Me, being the kill-joy that I am ask "If Forensic Psychology is that effective then why don't they put a team in South Chicago and identify murderers BEFORE they shoot-up business rivals, funerals, street parties?"


  1. only works on people with brains, that plan their actions. in shytown they act on impulse with no thought to consequences at all. hard to use logic against it.

  2. Because that would be "Racist". ---ken

  3. Watched it with the wife a few times. Doesn't take long to get boring. Just another "Murder of the week" show. Police shows that only deel with murders, like this one, are simply dull. The FBI unit depicted here in rel life does deal with other issues and other crimes.

  4. Yes, in real life, the Female Body Inspectors plot coups against elected officials up to and including the President, and the rest of their time is spent ferociously investigating the pirating of VHS tapes and movies on DVD.

  5. P.S.- WHERE is the FBI since the election ? Are they all hiding from Covid in their basements like Joe Biden ? Do they have a scheduled recess like congress regularly gives itself ? If not, they must be terribly busy with their primary job investigating DVD and VHS tape copying.


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