Monday, November 16, 2020

Views from the deer blind



  1. I miss that. Many years of lovely fall mornings and evenings quietly watching the countryside and waiting. It got to be more about being there than killing something. And then it just got too expensive for the reward offered. Beefsteak's better, but somehow not as satisfying, even if it's cheaper in the long run.

  2. That ain't bad at all. I'll have to take some photos the next time I go to the blind.

  3. I didn't start hunting until I was in my 40's. It became a fall ritual I looked forward to. Gather at my then wife's family farm and hunt with 2 of my brothers in law. It was even an informal part of the divorce agreement when we divorced, that I would continue to hunt there. Another brother of hers returned to michigan and the farm became his. He and I had been friends since we were teenagers so we hunted together. He died and the farm got sold. I've tried hunting other places and with other people and just gave it up. I miss the land that I roamed since I was a teen and my brother in law. Joe, the farm was at the bottom of Ingham county about 5 miles east of Leslie and those Deer grew fat on their diet of corn, soy beans and alfalfa. Now I look forward to growing my fall feathers and snowbirding to florida after Christmas.


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