Thursday, November 19, 2020



Just because your 23 year-old daughter cancels a date to help you track a deer and drag it out of the woods does not mean she will be happy after she finds out you used her lint-roller to remove deer hair from the carcass.

The Kid

The Kid's grandmother was diagnosed with Covid. He spent part of the weekend with her. He is under house-arrest until the tests come back.

I suspect it is just a matter of time before one or the other of us has Kung-flu.

Earlier, he expressed a desire to trap possum. If my understanding is correct, he wants to dye their hair vivid, fantastical shades and put collars on them...then release them back to their city environs.

The collars reads "Property of MSU Radiation Lab. DO NOT TOUCH!!! RADIOACTIVE!!! Call 517-335-7858"

Pressure canning

The tougher cuts are going through the pressure canner. I am canning half meat and half carrots to make it stew-base. Carrots always take the longest to cook so it sort of makes sense to pressure can them with the meat.


One of my neighbors got the back-straps. With sixty-degree days this is no time to be stingy.

I take Matt 25:44-45 to heart. Besides, that pressure canner turns connective tissue into flavor.


The neck shot hit the bottom of his cervical vertebrae.

There was no damage lower on the neck so I currently think the wound that shredded his liver hit a stick before hitting him. That is the only way I can visualize the gross damage to his abdomen wall. Well, that or hitting him with the bullet at 3300 fps but the bullet should have been moving about 1900 fps when it hit.

There are some things I will never know.


  1. The possum idea sounds like a plan!

  2. Lint roller? Just when I thought all engineers were smart.

  3. Good times. I think we should make the possum thing a country-wide effort.


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