Monday, November 23, 2020

Half-time pep talk

First, I want to tell the team that I am very proud of the self-discipline we demonstrated.

We have NOT given the propaganda wing of the Leftist what they crave. We have been the responsible adults in the room and I trust we will remain that way.

We have tools

Believe it or not, large automotive companies have "Color Engineers". They determine if sample parts submit by suppliers meet the color, gloss and pattern specifications.

I asked one of the Color Engineers how he got his job.

He said "I took the test and aced it."

Apparently the interview process involves being given about 120 plaques of slightly varying shades and hues of color and your job is to put them in order.

"That sounds about impossible" I replied.

"No, it wasn't so bad" he informed me. "The interviewer left the room. Before she left she told me to take all the time I needed and to use all of the tools at my disposal."

"Tools?" I asked.

"Yeah, that kind of threw me, too." the engineer said.

"But then when I turned the plaques over I saw they were labeled. All the Reds were A, the Oranges were B and so on. Then they were followed by numbers. 1001, 1002...1101 and so on."

"I arranged them by the labeling on the back. Flipped them over and and they seemed to be in order although some of them were so close together it was impossible to tell."

"I pushed the buzzer to call the interviewer back in" the Color Engineer said. "Not only did I nail the test but I set a new record for speed."


Our doors have locks. Use them.

Our intuition will give us advance warning of danger. Heed those warnings.

Our friends and families have skills and "excess goods" that we can use. Renew those bonds.

Our bodies, minds and souls need maintenance. Take care of yourself.

Some tools have a downside. Radios can be tracked even when you are not transmitting. Public domain knowledge algorithms can locate "Walkie-talkies" within 16 feet. It seems probable that private and military hardware can locate handhelds with at least that precision.

The "other side" is equally vulnerable when they rely excessively on those tools.

Proprietary software for battle-tracking may be vulnerable to hacking or it may be a Trojan horse. 

Situational awareness

Our Number One Tool is situational awareness.

Basic blocking-and-tackling wins games.

Sometimes the best action is to watch and bide our time.

Entropy never sleeps

We will win the entropy game. Rust, rot and depreciation never sleep.

Just as December, January and February are the three greatest generals in Russian history, Rust, Rot, Famine and Depreciation destroy incompetent political systems. Systems will fail. Bridges will fall down. Planes will crash. Roofs will leak. Electronics will short-out.

We can win by being patient...mostly.


  1. I read your paper on detection...the range for detection is VERY short.

  2. Use ALL the tools. You're not cheating... :-)

    1. He was as much as told to do what he did.

      More than anything it was a "trust the data, trust the instruments" test.

  3. Sorry can't resist. Your position that General Winter will defeat the enemy is probably correct. I remember after 9/11 there were lots of how to survive tv shows. The one that I remember best was being "taught" by a former special forces member. The scenario, your plane is hijacked by terrorists, how should you react. The pro believed keep calm, plan a response and wait for your opening. This advice comes from someone with training and experience far superior to mine. Yet,at the end of the day, isn't that what happened with flight 93? Yeah sure they prevented the bad guys from accomplishing their mission,but everyone died. If I'm on a plane chances are my family is with me. All of us living is the true best outcome. Me biting it while they live comes in second place.If you wait till the bad guys are in control of the plane then the only outcome is total loss. If King Leonidas says "let us wait and pick off the invaders one by one" Western civilization dies still born. Quotes such as."Oh how we burned in the camps" comes to mind. Then there's Wow the turkey farmer must really love us to feed us so well all year. I'm not advocating jumping off any cliffs or other rash behavior. Patience is a good thing. General Winter might prevail. Then again,I hear people got kind of hungry in Stalingrad.

    1. "If King Leonidas says "let us wait and pick off the invaders one by one" Western civilization dies still born."

      Great point.

      If/when it is time, I will be 100% on-board with that.

      How many "valid" targets can you identify? While there are several people whose obituary I would read with satisfaction there is nobody in my area-of-operation whose crimes rise to that level. Or, I cannot prove to my satisfaction that their crimes rise to that level.

      The model of picking off the "bad-guys" onesie-twosie assumes a level of intelligence I do not have. The Left is trying to provoke a onesie-twosie escalation. The media has covered for them under that incrementalism.

      The Left does not want a light-switch escalation. Frankly, no sane person does. That is why cities are seeing a huge surge in out-migration. They are death-traps even if "their side" "wins".

      King Leonidas had an advantage. No media. Everybody on the other side of the shield-line was a legitimate target.

    2. There is already a list, but it is a big one.
      Democrat voter registration list.

  4. Actually, how could anyone possibly announce "what they are going to do" when we have no idea what is going to happen ? Any number of things could happen, demanding very different responses. And I dropped my crystal ball last year so it stopped working.

  5. I remember we were playing a game in PE in high school - the game involved a 6' diameter ball. They called it "Push Ball." The idea was to get it into the opposing team's goal.

    Me: "What are the rules?"

    Coach: "No rules."

    I saw there were laces in the ball, laces I could get my fingers under. I told two members of the high school football team that were on my side, "Block for me."

    I lifted the ball above the crowd by the laces, and, following 400 pounds of my friends, slammed it into the goal.

    Coach: "We now have a rule."


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