Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Fine Art Tuesday


Dreams of peace and solitude

The topic of today's Fine Art Tuesday is "Art: a tool of healing"

You can go to your favorite search engine and search on Art Grief Therapy or any such combination and turn up a host of articles.

Forever springtime

Today's artist had one of the most stressful jobs of the Twentieth Century.

His art typically shows "timeless" images, often with a path or river as an element of continuity in it.

The trees appear embattled, almost tortured. But in spite of that the soldier on.

The artist did not paint this art to impress anybody. He painted because the process absorbed him and gave him peace. It reminded him of what was important.

Any guesses as to the artist?

If you guessed Sir Winston "Glow-worm" Churchill you would have been right.


  1. That's an interesting way to look at Churchill's art. Not something I would have picked up on, heathen that I am.

  2. Do you know who the guy is that Churchill's cigar is pointed at?


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