Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Ivanka Trump was in Eaton Rapids yesterday


Belladonna informed me that Ivanka Trump made a campaign stop in tiny, Eaton Rapids, Michigan (population 5200 not counting dogs, cats and pigeons).

I suppose it doesn't matter where she stops given the internet and media's broad reach.

Still, it shows Trump reaching out to small-town USA. Eaton Rapids is not NYC or a mega-media-market. We are run-of-the-row Americans tackling life's problems as best we know how, one day at a time.

I am tickled the Trump campaign chose Eaton Rapids but the campaign could have thrown a dart and hit any one of 500 Michigan towns that were equally worthy.

As a side-note:

Men, particularly young men, need work.

In my limited experience, men settle down when we have work. Otherwise we are like motors with no load. Without meaningful work we rev-up until we are red-lined...and beyond. Then we go unstable.

How many of the Antifa and BLM goons lack meaningful work? I would guess a significant number of them.

Trump's America promises opportunity, work and reward.

The other guy offers cotton-candy and diet pop. Initially tempting but ultimately unsatisfying and detrimental.

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  1. I respectfully suggest even if there was meaningful work for the young men in Antifa or BLM they wouldn't take it. A lot of the Antifa guys are children of privilege (think trust fund). The BLM are made up of mostly Caucasian, university-aged women (also from privileged backgrounds). These types wouldn't "lower" themselves to learn a useful trade, get dirt under their fingernails or break a sweat humping heavy loads over many miles.


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