Saturday, May 6, 2017

Rimworld: Into the Green

I was a Beta reader.  I enjoyed reading Rimworld: Into the Green.

Things that I found notable were:

Many authors fall into the trap of making their hero *PERFECT*.  The hero of Into the Green, Ethan Fargo is very human and as imperfect as most of the people I know.  He steps into the fertilizer with commendable regularity.  He does not succeed because he knows 18 different forms of martial arts or because he has magical powers.  He succeeds because he is loyal, duty-driven and never gives up.

Another thing I liked about Into the Green is that it is not larded with gratuitous sex scenes.  Maybe I have a prudish streak, but it seems like many books (of every genre) use detailed bedroom scenes as the mortar-between-the-bricks, that is, every time the author is stumped for a transition.  Ethan Fargo is not a monk but bedroom doors are closed and S-E-X (spelling here in case any minors are reading this review) is not dripping from the trees.  Intimacy passes "Chekhov's Gun" test.  If it is there, it is there to advance the story.

Dialog sounds like real conversations between real people.  I don't write fiction because I cannot do dialog.  Mr Curtis does a great job with dialog.

It is mandatory to write something negative in order to give a well balanced review.

It was too short.  I hope there is a follow-up book.


  1. Thank you for the honest comments, and yes, working on #2! :-)


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