Monday, May 22, 2017

Plum Curculio

The crescent shaped scar is evidence of the Plum Curculio laying eggs.
Plum Curculio is the most difficult pest to control in the home orchard.  That may be why I detest all things "PC". In spite of its name, it also attacks apples and pears.

I usually don't see damage until about June first.  I was looking for the damage thinking I was WAY ahead of the curve.

I was wrong.

According to Mr Internet, two back-to-back, sunny days that are over 70 degrees are enough to get the Plum Curculio moving.

I am not able to spray today because I am working for a couple of little, old ladies.
Spruce roots can be used for cordage.  That could be part of the reason why "professional" landscapers were pricing themselves out of the business.  They did not want the work.

One of them had a Blue Spruce taken down and I was dragging brush.

The other one has a 20' by 40' bare patch she wants me to rototill and plant to grass seed.

I will be a tired boy tonight.


It feels like I am taking advantage of these little old ladies.  For example, the one who needed the grass planted sent her husband out to keep an eye on me.  He has a bum back.  He was happy to have a new audience.  I can work and I chatted it up with him.

I gave them the little-old-lady discount.  She objected and paid me way more than the $15 I asked for.  In the back of my mind I was paid $15 for planting the seed and the remainder was for respite care.

I always let the customer win.  I tell them that my wife trained me not to argue with ladies.

They invariably ask for her phone number.  I think they want to hire her to coach their hubbies.

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