Friday, May 26, 2017

52.49" (No dwarfs were injured in the production of this blog post)

Somehow, the dwarfs are bigger than I pictured in my head.

Belladonna is done throwing for the season.

Today was a smashing success.  She went into the competition seeded 21-out-of-23 competitors and she finished 3rd.

She set two personal records.  Her first throw was 50".  Her second throw was 52.49".  I guess the dwarfs in Florida are more aerodynamic than the Michigan dwarfs.
A picture of the children chillin'
Kubota claims full responsibility for her sterling performance.

He claims she is so skilled because of all the times she sailed him across the living room like a dried up road-pizza.  Hard to argue with that kind of logic.

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  1. COngratulations to her! That is super, and the 'right' way to end the season!


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