Saturday, May 13, 2017

Parental Hate Speech (subtitled) Kubota wants a truck

Kubota informed me that he wants a truck.

Furthermore, he told me he wants a "good" truck, not a piece of crap.

"What is a good truck?" I asked.

"It is a five or ten year old Chevy Crew Cab" he replied.  He has been thinking about this for a while.

That is when I hit him with the "hate speech".  "Get a job."

Data from Kelley Blue Book.  Default options.
A 2005, standard cab Chevy pickup with 130,000 miles on it will cost about $3,800 in this part of the country.  That is knocking on the door of what he will be able to save in a reasonable amount of time.

A 2005, crew-cab Chevy with the same number of miles will cost about $8,600.

I think that he will find a two-door far more appealing after he figures how much longer he will be walking and bumming rides.  The crew-cab is 2.26 times the cost of the two door.

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  1. When I was about 15 years old, I was at my high school. That particular day, something was going on at the school after hours, so I stayed over for the hour or so to attend the event. During the interim between classes and the event, I walked two blocks to look at used cars at a lot near the school.

    As I browsed across the lot, a salesman came out to see if he could help me.

    I told him that I was looking for cheap, dependable transportation.

    "You're standing on cheap, dependable transportation."


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