Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Looking at used vehicles and armoring newly planted trees

Kubota is still shopping for a vehicle.  I checked out a few vehicles I saw today as I went out to Salamander's Orchard.

Here is a possibility!  A 140 MPH vehicle riding on 85 MPH capable tires.

Black vinyl seats and vent windows.  That is the makings of a classic summertime ride.

Salamander was mowing yesterday.  I have never seen it look this good.

A top-worked apple tree that is pushing buds.   Salamander will be pleased because he LOVES Honeycrisp apples and that is what this one is changed over to.

Another top-worked tree.  This one is being changed over to Enterprise.
Most of my effort today was in putting wire cages around the persimmon trees to fend off deer.  It was "long pants" work due to the Poison Ivy.

The ground cover as a mix of Poison Ivy, raspberry and Reed Canary Grass.  I sprayed herbicide around the trees and spread some fertilizer.
I ran out of T posts so I had to cut posts for the last row.
I bought some more Parafilm-M from Amazon.com   I grafted several of the persimmon seedlings to K-6.
K-6 persimmon on the right, Morris Burton persimmon on the left.  K-6 are butt-ugly because the tannin precipitates beneath the skin causing it to discolor but they taste delicious.
What a deal!  Small V-8, Turbo 400 transmission, full one-ton truck, good tires and only 184K on the clock.  AND, it is only 29 years old.


  1. Two words. Honda Civic. That's the Volkswagen Beetle of the current era.

  2. Yup, anything Jap.
    Also Sweet Sixteen is the best apple I've ever tasted. Give it a try sometime.
    Glad you're back to posting about your place which is why I stop by.

  3. Good luck on the vehicle search... sigh


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