Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Reloading the 7.35mm Carcano

I am not responsible if you use any of this information!  This post is for entertainment purposes only.  I cannot know your experience level or the condition of your firearm.

Via email, a reader pointed out that Lee Precision makes custom resizing dies.  The kit lists for $38.  Delivery time varies.

PPV makes 7.35mm Carcano brass or you can fire-form 6.5mm Carcano brass.

Hornady made a special run of 7.35mm bullets which are still available at Graf and Sons

If you were not able to buy bullets, you could make bullets that would function in the 7.35mm Carcano by taking 0.308 bullets in the 120gr-to-130gr range, lubing them with Motor Honey and running them through a custom resizing die to reduce their diameter to 0.300 inches.  Softer bullets, typically described as "varmint bullets" like the Speer TNT or Hornaday hollow point or SST would form more easily than thicker jacketed bullets.

Load data
ADI Load Data, Page 97.  These are MAX loads!!!! Conventional wisdom is to reduce by 10% and work your way up to verify that these loads work in your gun with your reloading technique.
ADI powders are sold in the United States by Hodgdon Powder under a different set of names.

AR2207 is marketed as Hodgdon 4198.  AR2206 might be Hodgdon 4895.  AR2208 is marketed as Hodgdon Varget.  SOURCE


  1. Thanks, I will do this. I have a 7.35 Carcano that was my first rifle after moving up from 22 LR but haven't shot it for years due to the trouble finding ammo.

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