Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Loaning out tools

Three weeks ago:

"Hey, Mr ERJ.  Do you have a post hole digger?"  Kubota's friend.

Me, "Yes, I have a 4" Iwan auger.  It is WAY better than clamshell diggers.  Do you have a spud?  The auger does not handle rocks very well."

"Nope, Mr ERJ.  We don't have a spud.  Can I borrow that too?"  Kubota's friend.  "My dad wants me to dig a bunch of holes for a deck we are putting in."

Three weeks elapse.  No word about the job or my tools coming back.

Me, texting "Tools?"

Him texting back "Who is this?"  Funny, he had my number in his phone when he wanted to borrow the tools.

Me, "Mr ERJ, the guy whose tools you borrowed three weeks ago."

Him, "Oh, Hi Mr ERJ.  How are you today?"

Me, "Curious about my tools."

Him, "Yeah.  I have them.  My dad just got done with them as we speak.  I will drop them off."  (I guess that makes it his dad's fault...and what an amazing coincidence that his dad should be wiping the last drop of sweat from his brow even as the kid is typing a response.)

Me, "Awesome.  Thank you"

The tools showed up yesterday evening.  I was on the phone and did not chat with Kubota's friend.

Today in school, Kubota's friend to Kubota..."Your dad was a real dick asking for his tools back."

Guess I won't be loaning any more tools out to that kid.  Pity he threw his dad under the bus for being so slow at digging the post-holes he was supposed to dig.  And I thought it was shabby that he dragged Kubota into our deal.  Neither Kubota or his dad had anything to do with my loaning him some tools.

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