Sunday, May 7, 2017

Large Carnivorous Mammals

Large carnivorous mammals have incredible  migratory capabilities.

In this story from RT, a pack of wolves recently took up residence in rural Denmark.  Yes, that Denmark, the one in industrial, Western Europe.

"Peter Sunde, a prominent zoologist from Aarhus University, claims to have obtained DNA evidence that not only proves wolves have returned to the west Jutland region, but that one female has travelled over 500km (310 miles) from Germany to settle there."

It is widely believed that the wolves are "thinning the herd" of drug users who flock to Denmark to  recreate and procreate in that country's liberal environment.

Authorities in Portland, Seattle, Aspen, Denver, Anchorage and San Francisco are stocking up on spiked collars to hand out to at-risk populations.

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