Sunday, May 28, 2017

Plowing new land

I heard a funny noise in the neighborhood.  It was coming from the eighty acres a "city" person bought fifteen years ago and tried to fill with $300,000 houses and five acre lawns.  The lots did not sell.  It recently changed hands.

I talked with the gentleman who was plowing.  His name is Marvin.  His tractor is a 1957 John Deere 620, one of the last of the two cylinder, horizontal John Deeres.  The engine is 5.0 liters (each cylinder has more swept volume than a 2l pop bottle) and is rated for 50 horse power.  The max, rated RPM is a whopping 1125 RPM.

He was pulling a three bottom plow.  Most of the brush was grubbed out but there will still roots in the ground.  That old girl, the tractor, was working hard.

Six hours later.
Personally, I am tickled to see land go back into agricultural production.

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